Benefits of the Full Omega 3 6 9 Profile

There are a lot of benefits to be had from this incredible blend of EFA (essential fatty acids). Here are the main benefits of all three.

Omega 3 Supplements

Omega 3 is the king of the omegas. It's the most potent and provides the best overall benefits. Specifically for heart health omega 3 has been shown to decrease triglycerides (the main risk factor for coronary heart disease) better than Niacin. Omega 3 also does not conflict with near as many medications as Niacin, making it a better option for more people looking to improve your heart health.

Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Omega 6 is basically a supporting role for Omega 3. Maintaining a balance of omega 3's and 6's is the key to unlocking optimal benefits from omegas for your health. Omega 6 can most commonly be found in vegetable oil, and is not required in the levels that omega 3 is, so omega 6 should not be a priority, however it is needed in smaller amounts.

Omega 9

Another piece of the omega fatty acid chain is omega 9. Omega 9 is required for more than a few bodily functions, however what separates omega 9 from the others is that your body makes it naturally. While not strictly essential, it can provide some serious benefits when combined with the other omega's.

Omega 3 6 9

Making sure you get enough omegas in your life can really change the way your body operates. Being deficient in these essential fatty acids can reek havoc on your bodies health. Generally here are some things that Omegas can help with for every aspect of your life!

There are several health benefits that can be had from the full profile of omega 3 6 9. First and probably the most well known is the incredible heart health benefits. It's been shown to lower triglycerides (one of the main causes of Coronary Heart Disease), lower cholesterol, support losing weight, fighting chronic inflammation, and much more!

Making sure your body has what it needs should be a priority, this is why it's important to get a full range of nutrients every day. However for most people this can be a real challenge. Supplements can help fill the gaps where you diet just doesn't cut it. For instance Omegas would be very helpful for someone who doesn't like to eat fish, but doesnt want to lose out on all the amazing benefits! 

What is the Omega 3 6 9 complex?

What's in the Best Fish Oil Supplements

Not all supplements were made equal, some cut corners, some don't have the full amount they say on the bottle, and some even put other stuff in the pill to make it cheaper to produce. However every supplement you'll find on this website is GMP certified; meaning they have been third party tested to ensure the label is accurate, there are no harmful substances, and that the production facilities operate cleanly and follow the rules.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Knowing how much omega is in each capsule helps you figure out how much you need to take for your specific needs from the omega collection.

Type of Omega

Avoid supplements that have a lot of omega 6 or 9 because our bodies produce omega 9 on their own, and most people actually get too much Omega 6 already.

What You Need

If you're thinking about taking a fish oil supplement, then make sure that you know why you're taking it. That way you can optimize the benefits by picking the right fish oil for you!

GMP Certified

Every supplement you buy should be from a GMP certified manufacturer. Simply because the GMP certification proves that the supplement is accurate, and actually provides what the label says, instead of wasting your time and money.