Naturally sourced from the Arctic waters around Norway, they were ranked number 1 in omega fish oil supplements for concentration, freshness, and purity.

While they are made exclusively in Norway, they comply with the most strict global guidelines and ensure that all their products comply with the FDA.

Going the extra mile, they also make sure that 100% of their products are GMO-free and are third party tested to ensure quality and accuracy.

The Quality of Nordic Naturals Omega 3 is Unmatched

Considered by many to be the best omega fish oil supplements in the world, the way they produce their fish oils rival anyone else in the world in freshness, purity, concentration. Knowing the history of Norway and their fisheries it's easy to understand why they are considered the best in the world.

What are the benefits of nordic naturals omega supplements.

Norwegian Quality 

Because the waters surrounding norway are not overfished and are supplied with clean fresh water from the arctic, the quality of the fish coming from norway are some of the best in the world. This goes to show that when it comes to fish, it's hard to beat anything coming out of Norway.

The history of fishing in norway.

History of Fishing

Norway has been a major fishing community even before the vikings. Considering the geography of Norway, it's easy to see why fishing is such a huge part of their culture. Norway has the second longest coastline in the world (first is canada) with over 100,000km of entirely arctic waters.

Sustainable fisheries are saving the ocean.

Sustainable Fisheries

Nordic Naturals understands the importance of sustainability and does everything they can to prevent the overfishing of their national waters. The government of Norway also does what they can to enhance the efforts every day!

The Benefits of Nordic Naturals Omega 3 are Amazing

With quality like Nordic Naturals it's hard to pass this up. Naturally you want the highest quality supplement to be the only thing  going into your body. Other supplements may be omega and have high quantities of it, but where they get it might not be where you expect. However with Nordic Naturals 100% of their products are from Norwegian waters and are processed in Norway, and keep up with the highest purity standards in europe, norway, and the rest of the world.

The Best Omega 3 Supplements

Omega 3 supplements have been shown to be extremely beneficial for the human body, contributing to a healthy heart, immune system, anti-inflammatory, and overall great impact of omega 3 supplements.

DHA Supplements

DHA is one of the main contributors in the health effects of omega supplements. The brain and eyes, making it very beneficial.

EPA Supplements

EPA is the other half of the omega supplement. This half if considered to be responsible for the heart health benefits associated with omega supplements. By regulating the cholesterol levels and other contributors related to heart disease.

Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals has a unique ability to provide these benefits in a clean, high quality, pure way. Something that the rest of the market cannot really compare to at the moment.